KuCoin complaint: Ridiculous fees to not even fix the problem

Complaint from Cantiferous reported on 21 January 2024 about KuCoin

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My complaint:

I bought cryptocurrency tokens on another platform and sent to kucoin. I made mistake and didn’t include a ‘memo’ which would link it to me account to receive.

kucoin said thay could resolve this and charged me a $40 fee to send it back to the original platform ( then I could resend correctly). But what they didn’t explain is that they sent it back to the other platform without the memo so the other platform can’t credit it back to me either.

When I spoke to the other platform they said that can send it back to kucoin FREE OF CHARGE but I need to with kucoin that they can receive it.

When I contacted kucoin, apart from them constantly taking up to a week to reply each time, so this whole thing has been going on for months..They now want to charge me AN $80 FEE!!! to receive the funds.

Their customer service is awful, and they just want to rip you off for more fees every time they ask you to do something, which most other exchanges will do for FREE!

Suggested solution:

Complete the return for me and waive the fee.

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