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My complaint:

On arrival at the Air India check in desk, I was asked for my Indian visa. I explained to the check in staff that I was only in transit as I had a connecting flight to Hanoi, and that I would not be leaving Mumbai airport. India does not require transit visas and this situation clearly did not require me to have a visa.
I showed the desk staff my checked in boarding card for my ongoing flight but he still said I could not fly as he claimes had been given no information about the ongoing flight by have no idea whether or not this is true).
At this point, I phoned the Kiwi helpline. The agent I spoke to asked to speak to the check in staff. I had asked him to inform them that I had an ongoing flight booked.
As I was not party to the conversation, I have no idea what was said, but he seemed to have merely used the conversation to attempt to put the blame squarely on me. The only help he offered was to sell me another flight.
As the phone call was costing me over £2.50 a minute, I hung up as it was getting me nowhere and he was also frankly really quite rude which added insult to injury.
As I was not allowed to board my flight, I had no option but to buy more flights back to London.
I am out of pocket and have not had a holiday.
The information on my ongoing flight should have been provided to Air India by and clearly hadn’t been. They were quite clearly at fault.
On putting in for a refund on the website, I was sent a refusal within about 20 minutes.

Suggested solution:

With a refund and an apology.

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