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I have never seen an agency so bad and deceitful like this company. My booking number 376 269 916. I booked a flight for a family to travel from Haiti to the dominican republic. She gave the E-ticket from Kiwi to the airline, but they told her she had to show the actual visa card of the person who paid the ticket. I have never heard of such thing with AA, Delta, United, Jetblue and other airlines. By the time the family reached out to us to send a picture of the visa, the airlines sold her place to another person.

When we called Kiwi to reach to the airline and give us another ticket, they want us to pay 200 euro for another ticket. I told then we were not at fault, give us another flight or refund our money. They refused to give me a supervisor, and said they will not do anything about it. I think the authority should shut this scam business Kiwi down because people are working too hard to make a living while having these guys sitting behind a desk taking our money.

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Refund me complaint Stole my money complaint Stole my money
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