Complaint: Kiwi sold me an invalid ticket

on 25 July 2022 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

My name is Maryam Shirkhan . Unfortunately I made a mistake and trusted Kiwi and purchased a round-trip ticket for $1,400.00.
This is in regard to my recent round trip from LAX to Bali, Indonesia. Booking number:
227 601 484. I purchased the round-trip ticket and I’m an American citizen, I was supposed to transit through Tokyo and Vietnam to get to Bali. In my past trip which I purchased my tickets directly with the major airlines, I was able to transit without getting a visa because in Japan American citizen can transit without a visa. But Kiwi sold me tickets that I was trapped in Vietnam they did not allow me to get on the airplane because they said I needed a visa for Japan because the airline that kiwi sold me a ticket with, they could not transit me to Los Angeles from Tokyo. I tried to call Kiwi to change the flight but nobody responded. I already paid $1400 to Kiwi for this ticket and I couldn’t make this trip back because the way kiwi set it up. I had to buy another ticket with United to come back home. With United airline I transited through Japan without requiring a visa but the airline Kiwi set me up did not allow me to transit through Japan without a visa. Shame on kiwi for running this scam. I’m a hard-working teacher and losing that amount because kiwi put me in that situation brings a lot of pain and suffering for me. I am asking to get full refund for what I paid to Kiwi. Since kiwi tricked me into booking airlines that didn’t transit property.

Maryam Shirkhan

Suggested solution:

I am asking for refund of what I paid them which is $1,400.

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