Kia Motors complaint: False advertisement

Complaint from 21999420 reported on 30 October 2023 about Kia Motors

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My complaint:

Purchased a 2018 Kia Stinger Gt a week ago from this dealer and am very pleased with the car itself so far but am disappointed in an advertisement I seen at the sales reps desk just before signing the deal for this vehicle . It stated that with the purchase of a new or used vehicle the customer would receive a free set of car mats , another set of lug nuts , and one other item don’t recall at this moment , I asked the rep ( his name was ( Brent ) if they would honor this and he had to go with his sales manger ( Mike ), Mike came back telling me that he was sorry but there was no way he could give a set of mats for this car as they were worth almost $500 , I replied but it’s written rite here !! He brushed it off by telling me that’s not what that advertisement meant . After returning a few days later to pick up my new car , this advertisement had been taken down from all desks ! There was a few other items that during the process of completing this deal the rep who was a young man and was clearly a little green said incorrectly like the term in which I could finance this car ( was told up to 7 yrs and ended up being 6 yrs ) the interest rate was quoted 7.99 % and than at signing ended up being 8.99% . I’m a little disappointed that these items were advertised ( speaking of the mats and lug nuts ) and was turned down after spending when all said and done on this vehicle after financing almost $45 K
I haven’t posted a review on this dealers website just yet as I await for someone’s response to this .
RAFF Cerasani

Suggested solution:

By honoring what was advertised . I too work for a large corporation ( loblaws ) and am an associate of one of there stores . When an advertisement is put out it is our responsibility to make sure the customer gets what is advertised .

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