KFC complaint: Rude and obnoxious manager

Complaint from LBROWNING reported on 29 April 2024 about KFC

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My complaint:

I came to KFC to get dinner for my family and ordered a 16 piece chicken tender meal. I asked for BBQ sauce when ordering at the drive through, I asked again at the window and they said I had it. They had only given me 1 BBQ sauce in my bag. I went in to ask for more, having to park and leave my kids in the car. I accidentally knocked a plastic sign that they had teetering on the edge of the counter and the manager said I was throwing it.

I told her no, it just fell because it was teetering on the edge. I told her I needed a lot of BBQ because I have 16 tenders. Another person working there grabbed 2 handfuls and went to give them to me and I asked her for a bag. The manager continued to run her mouth to me and was taking food out to her family or friends and came out to the parking lot and continued to say things about me to her friends and family that was in the parking lot.

I responded with some derogatory words and she continued to yell hateful statements as I was pulling out of the parking lot, even telling a child and her father to watch out or I would hit them. I am a cafeteria manager at a school so my whole life is dedicated to children so for her to make such a comment, was truly hurtful and malicious.

I wouldn’t treat a 4 year old the way she treated me today. I hope you can give her some customer service training or replace her with someone who will treat customers better.

Suggested solution:

Do something about the customer service at the KFC in Zephyrhills and tell them to stop being so stingy with their sauces when people but tenders.

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