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on 19 May 2022 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I visited the KFC in Havelock, NC on May 17, 2022 at approximately 8:15 pm with my son. He ordered a large mashed potatoes with his order (popcorn chicken meal). After placing his order we sat at the order box for several minutes then finally, we were told to go to the second window. After payment was made, we were then told to move forward and the food will be brought to us. No receipt was provided at the window when payment was made. We then sat waiting for his food for 8 minutes, two cars ordered and received their food while we waited. Please keep in mind there was no one there when we ordered. Finally we received his food and headed home. Here he informed me his mashed potatoes was missing. I asked him for the receipt, there was no receipt in the bag either. The last three (3) times he has ordered from here he has received a small mashed potatoes, not large even though paid for a large mashed potatoes. Last night, May 18, 2022, prior to picking him up from work, I figured I would go to KFC and get is large mashed potatoes. My son is a 27 year old autistic man. He loves KFC mashed potatoes. All he wanted that evening was some mashed potatoes; this in turn caused an episode that evening. He was visible upset and shut himself in his closet until the following day. On May 18th I went back to KFC to get his large mashed potatoes to hopefully brighten his day. When I explained to the manager I just wanted the mashed potatoes my son ordered, she then asks if my name is in the book and since it was not I would have to call corporate. I asked for the number and she said it is on the receipt (which we never received!). She then refused to provide a number to call. Guess who took our order, received payment, and brought us our food??? The MANAGER!!!! Whose name is unknown as she did not have any identifying information visible at the time. I do not usually complain about this type of issue and have not the previous several times, but what lesson is this teaching my son? You can make a mistake and not do anything to correct it and be rude in the process? I am trying to teach him life lessons he will need to be a successful adult. All I asked for is the large mashed potatoes paid for. That is all I want, his mashed potatoes.

Suggested solution:

Provide the large mashed potatoes paid for

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