KFC complaint: Always out of product

on 05 January 2023 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

It’s reached the point now where you have to call to make sure they have items on menu. I called today to make sure they had Chicken Pot Pie before I left work for a 30 minute lunch break. I was told yes we have it. It took 5 minutes for me to arrive. After my payment was taken in the drive thru, I was told that they were coming right up and it would be around 4 minutes and I was asked to park and someone would bring it out to me. After waiting past the 4 minutes, a young guy came out empty handed and told me that someone else had just sold my pot pie and it would be another 5 additional minutes before my order was ready. My total wait ended up being some where around 20 minutes and I had to go in to get my order.

Suggested solution:

Managers should be better equipped to proactively manage a specialty restaurant that basically serves only chicken. Keeping tabs on the inventory and knowing how to anticipate and have ready on hand menu items during peak hours such as lunch and dinner.

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