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on 09 August 2022 about JustFly in category Travel

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My complaint:

Made a reservation from Dulles to Tacloban Philippines, round trip, online quotes were much cheaper on the justify site, sales agent stated those rates were not available, even though my girlfriend and I constantly refreshed our internet and even calling the airlines. Then they charged me an extra $300 for a cancellation and best price guarantee above the standard terms, they said old me I could only get a 24-28 hour layover in Manila, when I calledPhilippines Air Lines they stated they had flights every 2 hours, I needed a flight itinerary for my renewal of my passport, so they suggested leave out Tacloban and I could add it later, I called back numerous times because I was getting lower flight rates and better times on Tacloban, each time I called I was transferred or dropped and a few times I was called a liar and the 9th person said he had no record of any other calls, even though each time I gave them my name and ticket number, each time they stated it was a recorded line, and they did not have time to listen to my recordings, I was also refused to speak with a supervisor. I finally talked withTim in customer service, he agreed with all that I said and told me what to say to the sales agent. 13 more phone calls and they could not give me a flight as advertised, when I asked if I could get a refund they stated they would charge me $450. Again ridiculous since the times I wanted were still available and now I had to pay more money and additional funds for luggage, most of these people barely speak English and lack communication skills, this is not a good way to run a business, I will try ASAP tickets even if I have to pay more, I spent too much time on the phone with this, they flood me with emails and do not stand by what is sent, I am now waiting for my itinerary that they said would email me 7 hours ago and now no one is available, what happened to 247 service

Suggested solution:

They should pay my additional baggage fees because they lacked skill to do the job and why would I get a flight with a 24 hour layover when advertised flights are there, and each time I reach someone they must verify everything about me.
I need a receipt and itinerary for a hotel reservation and again they are telling me to be patient and wait 24 hours

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