Just Eat complaint: items not delivered and not refunded

Complaint from Nina Hall reported on 11 July 2023 about Just Eat

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My complaint:

I have ordered twice for groceries once on the 28th June and again on 6th July on 28th June I had two missing items as I ordered 3 packs of magnum ice lollies only received one pack so owed £6.90 and on the 6th July I ordered some items and the strawberries were out of stock so I got that paid back but I also ordered 20 BH silver which never arrived and I was told I had to wait 7 days for a decision to refund me, I cannot complain direct as they do not have a number to call I am owed for the cigarettes and ice cream

Suggested solution:

I want my money refunded for the items I did not receive, I use them alot and I will no longer use them if I don't get my money back, I don't only use them for personal use I also use to order lunches for people at work so have spent a lot of money over the years, its ridiculous you can't call anyone to complain or get a refund.

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Message from Bizzy from Complain.biz

10 months ago - Complaint is solved by Just Eat

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