JackpotCity complaint: Refunded by betway but not jackpotcity

Complaint from Mouna reported on 20 April 2024 about JackpotCity

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My complaint:

Good afternoon
I filed a complaint already with Betway and they refunded me full deposits, but I didn’t receive a refund from your casino as it is the same company
I would like to file a formal complaint.

I have been contacting the live chat about deposits being rejected to betway casino.
The first chat the agent said that it might be a problem with the bank and said there is no problem with my account.
With the second chat, I was asking about the same issue,again the agent couldn’t find the issue until I asked about the sister sites.
When she mentioned dream bingo ,I knew I had an account there,tried to open it,but was denied access.
The agent explained that It’s locked because I cannot open more than one account on your platform,thank that I didn’t know and never heard of in other platforms, then I explained that I had accounts in spin casino and jackpot city where I was depositing and playing with no issues,and 2 weeks ago I had put a month break (not self exclusion) in jackpot city, but still had the spin casino account and was still playing there.
The agent said that I cannot play in the other casino while excluded,bit I had to keep explaining that It was a break not a self exclusion,added to that,the system shouldn’t have allowed the registration anyway to any of the casinos like the denied access with dream bingo.
I understand that your agents are unable to help resolving any issues or spotting issues or even spotting accounts that shouldn’t exist and terminate them while at the end of the chat It was very clear that the agent can see all accounts.
Hence why I need to file a formal complaint because if I did win and tried to make a withdrawal then the problems would have showed,got resolved by closing my accounts and then refused any wins.

I request a full refund of all deposits,and i need a transcript copy of the 2 last chats please as I asked the agent ,but they said they can’t send it and that I can press the icon after the chat ends,but there was no icon and the chat disappeared as quick as the chat ended.


Suggested solution:

Full deposits refund

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