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81 total complaints
1.4 /10
34 votes

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Complaint from on 12 May 2022 about JackpotCity in category Gambling

Sick of loosing! Spend thousands and been with jackpot city for a year!! there is no chance!!!! I'm going to take my money elsewhere! Not to mention that STUPID bonus wheel!!!! Never won once!!! If any kind of refund is... Read more


Complaint from on 04 May 2022 about JackpotCity in category Gambling

I have tried numerous times over and over again for the past few weeks to withdraw my winnings and haven't received anything. I've upgraded my information and have receive a withdrawal before from a previous account which I haven't had... Read more


Complaint from on 03 May 2022 about JackpotCity in category Gambling

Hi , my visa debt card has been used on here. I had lost my wallet earlier today while out shopping and I have just checked my account and $103 has been taken for bayton. So this is theft an... Read more

Disappearing money

Complaint from on 22 April 2022 about JackpotCity in category Gambling

While I was playing a game, I brought myself up to $500 that instantly vanished as I was playing down to 2$. This morning I went in to check and see if my withdrawal was being processed, it vanished from... Read more