Jack in the Box complaint: Points used but order not received?!

Complaint from GLOWdaddy.etsy reported on 08 March 2024 about Jack in the Box

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My complaint:

On February 21st around 10:40pm I placed an order through the app, redeeming my 60 points for a Free Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, at the 3399 East Pacific Coast Highway location in Long Beach, California. I received the order receipt within the app with my order number, as well as an email ation and receipt for this order. I waited in the parking lot as the order went from placed to being ready to be picked up as it shows this tracker info within the app when it was ready went through the drive thru. The associate working said they didn’t have my order, asked if I was at the correct location which I ed, I also stated my order number which apparently again, they never received. At the window I attempted to show the associate my email receipt and the order ation within the app, they didn’t care to actually look and very rudely said they couldn’t help me, that it wasn’t their issue and any issues with the app can be directed to the app. Even though within the app it clearly states for any issues with your order, contact the store directly. Yes it was free, but I used my accumulated 60 points that I earned by spending my money on previous orders, in which were taken from my account and never replaced. And this is the 3rd time at this location that my order wasn’t received with another order being around $30 and the other again being a free order for redeeming 60 points for a free sandwich. I believe the works have a scam going on to profit off of or take customers orders, especially since complaining through the actual complaint form gets ZERO RESPONSE from Jack in the Box. I’ve filed 4 complaints now, not a single one has been responded to. And on the complaint form it says it will not only go to corporate but also to the stores direct management and both will be in contact. Nobody has responded. I’d like full refunds of my now 120 points plus the $30 in a gift card at least

Suggested solution:

Give me my lost 120 points back as well as a refund/gift card at least for the $30 I lost. Definitely won't be used at this location however or with the app. Never again.

Jack in the Box complaint Points used but order not received?!
Jack in the Box complaint Points used but order not received?!
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