Complaint: Worse doctor I have ever seen

on 19 April 2022 about Island Hospital in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

My daughter vomiting and tummy paint in march 2021.i take her look to the goverment hospital at bukit Mertajam. They take a x-ray at the tummy and blood test.say it ok.second time I bring her to private hospital(Island hospital)to see Dr.koh Chong tuan. The hospital was body checkup.i told the doctor that her Snoring is different when sleeping.will her viral infection .I have told her I sick also before above 2 month continuation. I want to get some antiviral pill from her. He say cannot. Doctor want to take x-ray to my daughter. I said don’t.because just take said how to see if not x-ray.then I follow their instruction.

Dont know why he take my daughter nose ,chest and much they take. Then see nothing . I scold him they said I am insane. Afterward my daughter become silly and worst than before.from now may.2021. His was said to me. Difficult breathing so many times..i bring her to bm hospital but every time I bring to hospital.they said my daughter is ok but my daughter also said she is difficult to breathing.Every time I go there they always give my daughter xray .they said I was make trouble.they did not cure my daughter and have been hurt by them.xray repeat so much time.Have 1 time Dr.koh siao Yao show their angry then give order to take picture at her nose ear,chest and tummy ,this is same want to kill her.i blocking him ,he said if I blocking again he will call police.i forced to listen thier word.afterthat my daughter become most seriously and scared to go hospital she is in very very emergency but I don’t know what can I do.according to this story can I sue the doctor that hurt my daughter.Those doctor are not responsible for what they do.1.pls advise.tq very much

Suggested solution:

Hang that 2 pratisetioner licence .Pay me back my daughter live or pay compensation to me

Worse doctor I have ever seen
Worse doctor I have ever seen

Message from Bizzy from

1 month ago - Complaint is solved by Island Hospital

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