Complaint: Roach infestation in almost every room.

on 28 May 2022 about InTown Suites in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

During initial inspection before I finalized the payment, I didn’t see any roaches. The room I was offered was disgusting but a kind friend had made the reservation for me so I didn’t complain about the optics, I said it was ok. During my first night after getting groceries, I put a couple bags in the kitchen and went back to my car to collect the rest of my groceries, within 5 minutes there were a handful of roaches crawling over my bags. Then I became aware, and started noticing them on the ceiling, the walls, the AC, bathroom and even in the bed!! I was told they don’t offer refunds so I went to the office to ask what options I have and I was told they would mark my room for extermination but the exterminator isn’t scheduled to come for 5 days! To top it off this location is supposedly booked fully and they can’t move me to another room. I’m stuck here with these insects crawling on my bags and my food… I cannot believe they are allowed to rent rooms out like this but apparently it’s not illegal in Texas!? The cherry on top of this BS sundae is that the website has no actual customer service line, they only have a form you fill out with your complaint with a 72 hour window for a response. This place needs to be shut down for a some months and deep cleaned if not bulldozed and rebuilt.

I never look forward to being sick but if I get typhoid fever again because of roaches, I’ll make sure a judge hears about this.

Suggested solution:

Remove “no refunds” policy
Specifically, allow refunds on bookings if the room is a health hazard (i.e. infested with roaches)
Spraying “select” rooms once a week will not solve this problem; I used to manage an apartment complex so I know what I’m talking about.

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