InTown Suites complaint: Pesticide spray and staff in my room too often

Complaint from Jared78 reported on 19 May 2023 about InTown Suites

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My complaint:

The pesticide spray that is used continuously gets me sick! They recently had about 14 people move out in 1 day, and every week the ambulance is on the property! The hotel staff is constantly in my room doing so called room checks! I’m not on drugs, don’t have a history of doing drugs! I work a regular 9-5 job, and I’m a quiet occupant. There’s no reason for staff to enter my room that I pay for that often!! Please investigate these issues and Staff thanks

Suggested solution:

By thoroughly investigating the staff and the hotel itself and fixing this issue to avoid lawsuits and prosecutions! I actually like the hotel and never had this problem before at this hotel!

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