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My complaint:

Property manager was negligent in duties as well asproviding a reasinably safe place for me to stay.

The property manager refused to check the logs to see if his employees keys were swiped on my lock during the times of 2 separate robberies. Week apart!! When I was not present. That seems both suspicious and a breach of his duty? His only argument was that I have guests so I must be responsible? Then why refuse to look? I also had a sweatshirt, a very expensive sweatshirt stolen from the laundry room. The only camera that records. And I reported it and got no response whatsoever from management. I know this isn’t acceptable. Probably not legal.

I’ve checked out because of the unsafe conditions there. If my Concerns continue to be ignored, I will escalate them both legally and loudly with whatever means Are available to me within the law.

I’ve lost 2 very expensive computers, and that’s my means for an income. So every day InTown ignores me, I am losing additional income. In addition to the severe stress caused by living somewhere I wasn’t safe. As well as the expenses of moving.

The4 companu claims i was never a guest. Well, i have receipts for almost every week of my stay

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Suggested solution:

: I want my moving expenses partially paid for as well as a replacement for 1 of the 2 computers that were stolen.

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