InTown Suites complaint: Harassing/overcharged

Complaint from Jamie l reported on 26 September 2023 about InTown Suites

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My complaint:

Every time my husband and I turn around we are given a letter saying we are in violation and your reservation may not be extended due to the violation!
They say we are in violation for talking to other guest! For having our tv on at night! For sitting outside talking to guest!
Also I’ve been charged all kinds cleaning charges when no one has ever cleaned my room! Then the other day the housekeeper knocked on my door at 9am asking if I was extending ( I have my room book til November 3 and an email ation) i told her yes and said let me go pay ( I was asleep because I work 11pm to 7 am) she said oh no the office isn’t open yet!! Then at 1215 she knocked again and said now you can pay and these a $35 late fee because it’s after 12! This place is horrible I feel like I’m a prisoner! I just want to be able to come to my room after work and be left alone! And if another guest talks to me I don’t want to told I’m going to kicked out for doing so!
They need to worry about all the stuff that going on in the back of the hotel or maybe they over look that because their on some crazy shit themselves

Suggested solution:

Credit my account for the cleaning fees I never received and for the late payment fee and maybe a free night!
Also stop telling me I can’t talk to people and that my reservation isn’t going to be extended! I’m going through some personal issues and yes I’m struggling but all I want is to work and have a roof over my head not to constantly told I’m gong to have to leave! I work at an extended stay hotel and we would never treat our guest like they do here

InTown Suites complaint Harassing/overcharged
InTown Suites complaint Harassing/overcharged
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