Instacart complaint: Wasted day

on 18 March 2023 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

We had a delivery scheduled for 10:55 and no one showed up. I called and after waiting for 20 minutes I was hung up on. When I called back I was able to set up a second delivery window, by the time this one’s done it would have been 4 hours now on a beautiful Saturday in Portland Oregon. No one came to deliver my food, for the second time, even though I had a text message saying that they had even shopped and got the low stock items I was looking for and they were on their way. I called customer service who were still operating on the information from the first cancelled order. I had to sit there and persuade them that they were indeed wrong and there had been another delivery scheduled. Their solution? Ive been told there is no way to expedite our order so we will get our order about 6 hours after the fact. This is the first Saturday that my wife and I have had off together and it’s beautiful. This has been a disaster and no one at Instacart is even the least bit disturbed by this. Instead of the hike we had planned we get to sit here and every two hours get lied to, argued with and in the end failed.

Suggested solution:

I would like a store credit so I can go and get the food myself. Also we should get a full refund for the day that was ruined for us but we would be willing to accept half the total. I have a bad feeling we won't even receive an apology of any sort.

Wasted day
Wasted day
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