IHG Hotels complaint: IHG hotels and resorts took my money

Complaint from Zuenazouzou@gmail.com reported on 06 February 2024 about IHG Hotels

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My complaint:

I Was employed in IHG In department of hotels operations, in order to complete the tasks in some cases they give negative amount to pay after you pay it you you are able to fish the task get commission and withdraw all you money if you don’t pay they freeze your account and you lost all your money in the account, one day they give me 4 negative amount in one task I was an to pay 4 but last one was to big -$18203 I wasn’t able to pay it I ask them for help they only pay about $5300 I still have to pay more than $12000 I told the I don’t have money to pay I ask them to give me the money I have in my account but they refused now they took all money was in my account more than $15000

Suggested solution:

Give me my money back

IHG hotels and resorts took my money
IHG hotels and resorts took my money
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