Huobi complaint: Horrible complaint policy and awful support team

on 14 September 2023 about Huobi in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

They have to written and fixed procedures on how to deal with complaints. some scammer tried to scam me into releasing crypto to him without paying. I asked for the slip, he answered some bullshit about 2fa and the fact that my payment is on hold, so I have to release the crypto now, because he already paid. As soon as I press Make a complaint the buyer disappears and never answers. And this is when the horror starts. Because after that there 11 hours of million stupid phrases like sorry for the inconvenience, we will hurry up our specialist, you have to wait for the buyer to answer or when the time limit will be over and the order will be cancelled.
So I am the person who almost got scammed, has been waiting for 11 hours to get my crypto back (it’s held by Huobi) sent them every video and screenshot they asked CAN’T EVEN GET AN ANSER HOW LONG IS THE TIME LIMIT? Days? Weeks? Months? And in the meantime those idiots telling me that they are waiting the answer from the scammer, that never answered or contact us in the chat.
That’s all you need to know about that mess of a company called Huobi.

Suggested solution:

Give me back my money after 1 hour of waiting for the answer from the other side. Binance does it great.

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