Hotbit complaint: Fraud and scam, vicious manipulation from hotbit leaders and customer support services.

Complaint from warou009 reported on 23 June 2023 about Hotbit

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My complaint:

On 2023-06-18 at16:54,

I did a withdrawal of my SHIBA, hotbit just sent a fake ation text without any ID for verification on the block chain. When I contacted them, they just said that I just have to complain to the platform of the destination address, whereas the have never sent it. In addition my 80 millions of SHIBA has disappeared from their platform and till date, they didn’t sent it back, whereas they stopped communicating with customers. More than 100 millions of my SHIBA has been lost, grace to hotbit. Currently more 1000$ of my other coins are still on their platform, including many hundreds thousands billions of Baby Doge and others. What are they going to do with our coins?

This is pure fraud scam to still our money. I just lost more than 2000$ because of hotbit. Where is the justice??? Why all hotbit workers and leaders will be as free whereas they are destroying people’s life.

Suggested solution:

Hotbit has to contact me through my email address :, in order to return me back my coins and lost money due to their fraud.

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