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While Hotbit is known for providing a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, complaint data from our community has flagged several recurring issues that users face. Common complaints include difficulties withdrawing funds, investments vanishing, and assets being blocked after server shutdowns. Customers also report allegations of scam activities and high withdrawal fees that hinder small users.

To avoid these issues, we strongly advise users to research the platform thoroughly before investing and to stay updated with any service changes or announcements. If problems arise, contact customer support immediately, document all communications, and maintain a record of your transactions and account balances to support your claims.

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Sentiment data last updated on June 24, 2024

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We have received 7 complaints about Hotbit over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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all my investments have vanished

Complaint from Tarun on 22 March 2024 about Hotbit.

I had registered on hotbit in 2022 and transferred some BTC from my other crypto account and started investing in many coins and tokens, as I had invested for long term never bothered to check, now in March 2024 when... Read more

Comments: 0

Get our assets back

Complaint from Zakarya on 25 January 2024 about Hotbit.

We want to receive our assets from Hotbit exchange. Hotbit exchange turned our assets into low-value currencies, while we had bought currencies like Shiba, Ada, Dogecoin to hold, which at today's price is close to 400-400 thousand dollars. Read more

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Complaint from Khan0323 on 02 December 2023 about Hotbit.

I failed to withdraw my currencies from the Hotbit exchange. Now when I did, cex.hotbit did not request a withdrawal, but the withdrawal date was given to me. They transferred my currencies to another wallet. Read more

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My wallet gone unoperative

Complaint from Loser on 17 November 2023 about Hotbit.

I have a lot of Crypto TOken in my wallet and unknown to the fact that it had gone unoperative from 21st May. How can i recover my Money Back. Please help me in this regard. Read more

Comments: 0


Complaint from Ceekay2dw on 08 July 2023 about Hotbit.

Have not been using Hotbit for a while now, just about to login and check my assets( USDT and SHIBA ) I found out that the side had been shutdown to the point I couldn’t login to withdraw my assets,... Read more

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am not able to withdrawal my funds from Hotbit

Complaint from syedjillani on 05 July 2023 about Hotbit.

Dear Team, I was not used Hotbit App for the last 2 months and suddenly know that Hotbit ceased its operation and now am not able to withdrawal my funds. Your support is required in this regard. Thanks, SYED Read more

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Blocking my assets after servr shutdown

Complaint from AAK1 on 04 July 2023 about Hotbit.

Dear sir/madam I just noticed that Hotbit has ceased operation and shut down their servers. They claim that they have put some notice on their website prior to the shutdown of their servers but I have never received any emails from... Read more

Comments: 0

DFusdt Asset freeze

Complaint from Soheilroaya on 20 June 2023 about Hotbit.

It has been more than ten months since the Hotbit exchange has converted all the users' assets into DF on the pretext of blocking the accounts by the government, and they still have no intention of returning the assets. This... Read more

Comments: 0

HOTBIT frauding

Complaint from REKA on 14 June 2023 about Hotbit.

I withdrawded shiba from. Hotbit .they send me an invalid tx. Txid: 0x93f34212a8d6bb9451df5718a09265b1610b227b107225f31a24ec70f6b75a61 Read more

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