Hopper complaint: Please cancel my car rental and give me the refund

Complaint from WANHENG YIN reported on 14 July 2023 about Hopper

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My complaint:

I hope this letter finds you well. I write to you with a heavy heart, seeking your assistance regarding a deeply troubling experience I encountered with Hopper Company and its associated agent which the vendor is RENTAL 8 and supplier the MODE COMPANY.

On 12nd July, my friend navigated the Hopper platform with the intention of booking a car using my phone. However, she was merely previewing the order without any intent of finalizing it. To my sheer surprise and dismay, I found that the funds for the booking were deducted from my account without any clear warning or ation . The order number is 87830 under the name of WANHENG YIN.

I ly reached out to Hopper, expecting a straightforward resolution. Unfortunately, they deflected responsibility by stating that the funds were taken by the agent. With hopes of resolving the issue, I contacted the agent which is RENTAL 8 but was met with further disappointment as they passed the blame back onto Hopper. This has left me in a relentless cycle of blame-shifting, with my refund still out of reach.

I find this situation to be in stark violation of the principles of the Fair Trading Act. All I sought was a simple cancellation of the order and a full refund, but I now find myself in a seemingly endless loop of deflection and irresponsibility.

I have made my utmost efforts to resolve this issue, including multiple correspondences with both Hopper , MODE company and the agent, to no avail. I implore your esteemed agency to intervene and provide the necessary assistance.

Enclosed with this letter are all correspondences with Hoper and the agent, details of the order, and proof of payment.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I look forward to a swift resolution to this predicament.

Best regards,

Suggested solution:

Please ask them cancel my car rental and give me the refund! Please

Hopper complaint Please cancel my car rental and give me the refund
Hopper complaint Please cancel my car rental and give me the refund
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