Hollywoodbets complaint: poor service

Complaint from 16461490 reported on 16 February 2024 about Hollywoodbets

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My complaint:

every time when I tried to exchange my number and banking details I always experience some difficulties when it comes to taking selfie of myself and answering the security questions.When it comes to selfie every time when I tried it always says we unable to capture your face or your face is visible.Then on security questions I always answers those questions correctly but the submission button does not go through. I wanted to change from this number 0631196543 to 0733589010 because that one I am no longer have acess on it. This gives me lot of stress because I don’t what must I do when I want to withdraw funds.My hollywood account number is 16461490

Suggested solution:

They are supposed to provide some alternative ways besides this selfie thing or maybe by asking me to upload my ID or smart card or provide ID number or fingerprints maybe.

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