Most Common Hollywoodbets Complaints and Tips

While Hollywoodbets remains a popular platform for betting, complaint data from our community has flagged several recurring issues that customers commonly encounter. Users report difficulties with withdrawals, such as funds disappearing or withdrawals being reversed without notification, and long delays in account verification processes. Additionally, there are numerous complaints about poor customer service, unresponsive or unhelpful chat agents, and technical errors leading to inaccurate balances and payouts.

To avoid these issues, we strongly advise customers to keep thorough records of all transactions and communications, which can help resolve disputes more efficiently. Be proactive in following up on customer service queries and consider contacting Hollywoodbets' support team directly if resolution through chat proves unfruitful.

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Hollywoodbets Customer Sentiment: Neutral

Our sentiment meter has detected that Hollywoodbets complaints over the past 28 days have remained within our normal fluctuation range, showing a change of -7%. While some customers might experience challenges with Hollywoodbets, the steady level of complaints indicates that there hasn’t been a surge in widespread issues recently.

Sentiment data last updated on June 12, 2024

Hollywoodbets complaints chart

We have received 147 complaints about Hollywoodbets over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


Media uploaded by our community

Hollywoodbets complaint: Glitches on spin games
Hollywoodbets complaint: Refund
Hollywoodbets complaint: Voucher taken and not loaded on acc
Hollywoodbets complaint: Weeks logging call. Still unresolved
Hollywoodbets complaint: Hollywood bets don't wanna pay me
Hollywoodbets complaint: You put loose on a winning ticket
Hollywoodbets complaint: Free Spins
Hollywoodbets complaint: Account locked out
Hollywoodbets complaint: I win some money and then it it's gone
Hollywoodbets complaint: Fraud and Theft
Hollywoodbets complaint: Deposit never uploaded onto account
Hollywoodbets complaint: Withdrawal
Hollywoodbets complaint: Money that was withdrawn was canselled and reversed from they're side and not me knowing of it and now money is missing
Hollywoodbets complaint: Bank reversal not paid back
Hollywoodbets complaint: Stil waiting for my pay out
Hollywoodbets complaint: Account verification
Hollywoodbets complaint: Bad service
Hollywoodbets complaint: Incorrect payout on spina zonke super 7
Hollywoodbets complaint: Absolutely Terrible service especially on the chat
Hollywoodbets complaint: Money not reflecting in my account
Hollywoodbets complaint: Incompetence
Hollywoodbets complaint: Withdrawal/reversal
Hollywoodbets complaint: Invalid vouchers
Hollywoodbets complaint: Wen
Hollywoodbets complaint: Incirrect pay out in cash patrol game
Hollywoodbets complaint: My withdrawal  reverse
Hollywoodbets complaint: Fica
Hollywoodbets complaint: Payout
Hollywoodbets complaint: Mr Maredi Levy Mvundlela
Hollywoodbets complaint: Ticket wrongful resulted.

Hollywoodbets complaint statistics

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Bad reviews about Hollywoodbets: (170)

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incorrect voucher scam

Complaint from Account nr on 11 June 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

First I deposit 2 hollywoodbets vouchers. It's was incorrect. For that to get sort out I'm struggle over 2 months now. Then today I loaded a R25 1 voucher and then charge my phone. I received a email regarding a withdrawàl.... Read more

Comments: 0

Glitches on spin games

Complaint from Tshepi on 10 June 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

It has come to my attention and realisation that, most spin games have glitches whenever the bonus is triggered, from my understanding all games are supposed to be Automated yet most of the games I played and have been playing... Read more

Comments: 0

Withdrawal reversed

Complaint from 7453841 on 08 June 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

Hi im laying a complaint against hollywoodbets as i withdrew my money end of may and i never received my 10digit ref number then they reversed my money the 4th of june and yet they never put my money back... Read more

Comments: 0

Reduced Wager amount on winning slip

Complaint from Phumiey on 08 June 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

While playing betgames. I would place a R50 bet odds 18, R50x18 is my winning. Hollywood bets system would reduce my wager and pay out R6x18. The R44 remains unpaid and the bet history reflects the reduced amount while my... Read more

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Complaint from 0714264261 on 03 June 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

On the 31 May 2024 around 11pm Aviator had issues which started by not paying 3 of my bets Total R1250 and by then I had credit balance of R881 on my account. Aviator crushed and I got message where it... Read more

Comments: 0

Voucher taken and not loaded on acc

Complaint from Deon on 31 May 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

On 31 of march I loaded 2 R100 vouchers on Hollywoodbeta one voucher was loaded on my account and the other one was not loaded so I contacted then on the chat line and every time get told a email... Read more

Comments: 0

About my surname FICA and withdrawal

Complaint from Claire1505 on 05 May 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

My surname I Daniels maiden surname Hofmeyer when registering for account I put my surname as Daniels Wich is now my I'd is hofmeyer I did everything they said even went to the branch today this is from last year... Read more

Comments: 0

Wrong payment amount

Complaint from Tiphlos on 30 April 2024 about Hollywoodbets.

I played or bet 9 teams on hollyhood online bet the 8 teams won an the 9 team was leading 2-1 and there was option for cash out of about three thousand something but I didn't cash out so the... Read more

Comments: 0

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