Hive Home complaint: They make products obsolete and more

on 15 September 2023 about Hive Home in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I have 6 hive products in my houseshares.
Hive cancelled my passwords on all accounts as I didn’t log in for a period of time. How mental is this and it costs me time and money to sort.
They have made certain products already in my properties obsolete so requires at a significant cost to replace with their updated products that work. I run houseshares and I rely on my app working which it now does not. Yes I can use the thermostat but as I don’t give tenants access to it so that doesn’t work!
They don’t have app that can have multiple properties on it and they all require different email addresses. Get a grip hive!
They forced e everyone into 2 factor authentication. Does this company really think it’s better to make my life more difficult. Do not use their products is my advice.

Suggested solution:

Stop ripping your customers off under the guise of climate change, we all know it's rubbish, we were having an ice age in the 70's by the year 2000, global warming didn't work so now it's climate change to drive forward agendas and for companies like hive to rip us off.
Products that really are weak in technology so sort that out

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