Hisense complaint: Been messed around

Complaint from Davinia.smith@hotmail.co.uk reported on 11 January 2024 about Hisense

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My complaint:

I brought a hisense washing machine in August 2023 and in November 2023 I put the washing machine on hot wash where the door glass exploded I called the company where they sent there engenier to come and fix the machine but he wasn’t given the part to fix the washing machine so he said he will return in the next couple of days then I get a call saying they are having difficulties in ordering the part and they are out of stock so when I checked the maninfactors they had loads in Stock so I even sent the company the proff of this so then they booked a appointment for 28th December and cancelled it ad they couldn’t get the part then they have said that the engenier is booked in for 11th January and cancelled the last minute and said he has gone sick and now they can’t send anyone till 24th January

Suggested solution:

Gey my washing fixed and stop messing me about as I've had no choice in to call for someone to fix my machine which it's going to cost

Hisense complaint Been messed around
Hisense complaint Been messed around
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