H10 Hotels complaint: Terrible Experience at Ocean Coral Spring

Complaint from KishaniB reported on 14 July 2023 about H10 Hotels

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My complaint:

I am writing in requesting a refund for unused stay from my booking. Due to the dissatisfaction of my experience with this resort with soiled sheets given daily, refrigerator not working properly, unsanitary conditions in restaurant with cockroaches, mean and rude staff, shortage of food an not offering of alternatives at Sakura restaurant  leaving us hungry through the night because we don’t eat meat the offering of hot dogs and hamburgers were not substantial at other establishments the food selection elsewhere was very sub par as well, watered down alcoholic beverages, dirty beach surroundings, and just overall feeling of being neglected and overlooked, led us to not want to continue our trip and very unhappy and unsatisfied. We deserve this refund due to this terrible experience. 

Suggested solution:

A refund for one day due to early leave of reservation

H10 Hotels complaint Terrible Experience at Ocean Coral Spring
H10 Hotels complaint Terrible Experience at Ocean Coral Spring
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