Complaint: Poor customer service: managers not empowered to take care of customers

on 07 January 2021 about Grubhub in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

About a year ago, I ordered food from GrubHub and discovered that I was charged quite a bit more for the food. I immediately contacted customer support and spent hours fighting with them to get through to someone who could tell me more than I am sorry, there is nothing I can do!. The guy actually said to wait for a manager and came back onto the phone and pretended to be a manager. I got him to admit it. I finally found a person who could understand, showed him the issue and he was appalled. He corrected the situation and I paid to subscribe to their premium service.

Tonight, I ordered food from GrubHub. Again their app was messed up. We were supposed to be able to choose sides with our dish. It did not work. I chatted with a technician online and received the same I am sorry, there is nothing I can do. I asked him to call me, he told me to call a number, he would not call me. I asked him to call the driver and simply tell the driver which sides we wanted to no avail. I asked for a manager, he stated he could not send me to a manager. I called the number and waited on hold for at least 45 minutes. I talked with a customer Service person and was repeatedly told that they could do nothing, I should accept the food without sides. He then tried to convince me that the dishes did not come with sides, I had to pay for them separately. After getting very frustrated, I asked for a manager. Once again, I was placed on hold for a long time and received a supervisor the supervisor told me there was nothing he could do, once and order is placed, we cannot change it. I explained that I did not want to change it, I simply wanted to select the sides that came with the meal. I became very angry and told him that he should not be a manager if he could not at least try to provide a solution. I asked for a real manager and was told I am the highest you will get. I cancelled my subscription and food and asked for a refund for the food and subscription. He said he could refund for the food, but could not for the subscription. He stated that I will have to enjoy the benefits of the subscription, until they run out. The guy was the worst case of a supervisor I have ever seen. I will NEVER use them again, this is the second time I have had an issue and the second time I have received ridiculous responses; I don’t have the time to mess with these guys. All I wanted was for the person to contact the restaurant and allow me to select my sides. A simple communication would have kept me as a customer.

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Suggested solution:

I would like a refund for the subscription, but would really like to see Grubhub hire and empower their staff to keep customers.

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