Greyhound Bus complaint: ASSULT

on 01 September 2022 about Greyhound Bus in category Public Services

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Avner N Sawyer, 07051935, 816-977-5421, [email protected], 1959 Dale Evans Way. Kingman AZ 86409. July 5th,2022 I was traveling with Greyhound from Phonex, AZ. to Kingman thru Flagstaff. left at 9.30am, we stopped at a bus stop outside of Flagstaff at approx. 11.00am, the driver went inside leaving the bus unattended, during this time while sleeping I was assaulted by another passenger. I felt a big pop in my face, waking up I see this man in the isle swinging his fist like crazy. There is blood running all own my face. I am trying to get something to stop the bleeding. was afraid to say anything, maybe he has a gun. he busted my nose that had to be reset at the hospital. notified the Flagstaff police to meet the bus at the bus station. Olando Bahe was arrested at the station for assault. I was given a report. He is to be tried for a felony in county court. city case number CM2022001116. I think the bus line is in fault for the like of security when it is at a bus stop. when the driver is away there is no security for the passengers. there should at least have camaras running. I am 87 years old and asleep. there is no reason that this happens Greyhound should be held likably for this assault. Doctors’ fees body harm, stress mental problems and so forth. The sum of at least 60000 dollars. police have a picture of my face, and all records and prices in this case.

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