Goodwill Industries complaint: Discrimination

Complaint from discriminatedDVictim reported on 26 February 2024 about Goodwill Industries

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My complaint:

The manager was completely unprofessional in their treatment of my child, making us feel insignificant compared to other customers. Despite explaining our difficult situation, living in a shelter and in need of a discount for a partially functional mini-fridge to keep my child’s drinks cold, the manager was dismissive. Additionally, the manager forcefully took a toy from my son’s hands, claiming it could not be purchased due to the absence of a price sticker, a situation neither of us caused. Despite my willingness to wait for a price tag to be made for the toy, the manager later overcharged us for the items, including the mini-fridge, which was clearly labeled at a lower price and known to be defective. Furthermore, a receipt was not provided, despite assurances to the contrary.

This treatment is deeply upsetting, especially given our current circumstances of seeking refuge from an abusive situation, further compounded by past personal tragedies. It’s disheartening to experience such behavior after having supported the establishment through donations. The actions of the manager not only reflect poorly on their professionalism but also on the establishment’s policies and treatment of individuals in vulnerable situations. This experience has led me to reconsider my support and share these concerns with others, including local organizations that have also supported the establishment. The lack of empathy and respect shown is unacceptable and calls for immediate attention to management practices at this location.

Suggested solution:

train your employees properly and discipline the lady for total improper and discrimination against living conditions and and put them through some type of course that they have to abide by in customer service to teach them appropriate mannerisms towards individuals in a workplace as a customer

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