Goodwill Industries complaint: Bad Service

Complaint from Cloud641 reported on 20 May 2023 about Goodwill Industries

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My complaint:

I went there today and found a cute Horse Decoration and it was broken when I looked at it on the shelf. It was price 6.99 I had a few of things and ask could it be possible to get a discount since it is broke the cashier said she would ask. Then another worker ask what she needed she told her can I have a damaged discount and the other worker said in a big booming voice we dont discount nothing broken or otherwise no matter the.price I am not deaf and there are no signs to say sold as is no discounts if its broken . Goodwill gets the items and the prices on some.of that stuff is ridiculous a Plastic Crab for 6.99 ? Really ? who comes up with the prices and rules for the free items they get they are not for the poor people any more . The workers dont need to be rude she might as well use the store speaker it is just as LOUD!!

Suggested solution:

Put up signs then do better on pricing anyone could see it was broken but not put a.price of 6.99 on it . Work on customer service no need to be rude no matter if you have a tittle or not didn't get her name but I would not forget the person not even a smile rude worker.

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