GoBank complaint: Customer Service Technical service

Complaint from Hcampos08 reported on 03 October 2023 about GoBank

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My complaint:

GoBank customer service has put my account in the negative. Teck issues they say. But I have tried to communicate with GoBank customer support, and supervisors and all they do is hang up the phone on me countless number of times. It’s 2 business days and they have not fixed the problem. I am in desperate need of my account to be restored, please help me.

Suggested solution:

Reimbursement of money I've lost because of gobank. This is the 4th day I have not
Been able to work because of these issues with GoBank. I've lost opportunity to have made 1000 dollars in these past 4 days. I also suffer from Anxiety and High Blood Pressure. GoBank Customer service as well as Supervisors have stressed me out to a point I'm getting sick. I want a lawyer to sue GoBank for there incompetent way of dealing with clients like myself.

GoBank complaint Customer Service Technical service
GoBank complaint Customer Service Technical service
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