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Customer Service Technical service

Complaint from Hcampos08 on 03 October 2023 about GoBank.

GoBank customer service has put my account in the negative. Teck issues they say. But I have tried to communicate with GoBank customer support, and supervisors and all they do is hang up the phone on... Read more

Comments: 0


Complaint from Rgore on 13 September 2023 about GoBank.

5 times my card has been compromised even tho I do not ever use it to make purchases . Over an hour of waiting to speak to a representative even tho they claim to take fraud seriously Read more

Comments: 0

My debit card hasn't worked in over a week

Complaint from Greg J on 11 August 2023 about GoBank.

My debit card hasn't worked in over a week. I called and they telling me it's a maintenance issue. I have no access to any money and is currently haven't been able to even buy food for me and... Read more

Comments: 0

Bank wont release funds I have in my account

Complaint from Jwillz on 28 March 2023 about GoBank.

I tried to use my gobank card to make a purchase, and it was declined. I also tried to tx the money to another card and it aid the bank was invalid. I called Gobank and they refuse... Read more

Comments: 1

Over charging me

Complaint from Brandon Pittmon on 01 November 2022 about GoBank.

I rented a car from herts and they keep charging for the whole amount of the car so it puts my account in the negative I can't use my card and not giving my deposit back Read more

Comments: 0

Pending charges

Complaint from Dahlounge on 17 October 2022 about GoBank.

They have the worst security system. They have allowed businesses to take money from my account, while keeping the charges in pending. And i have to wait anywhere from 30 to 60 days to start to see my funds trickle back into... Read more

Comments: 0

Disputed unauthorized charge

Complaint from Michael.W2022 on 24 September 2022 about GoBank.

One day I tried to look up a number that had been calling me. Unbeknownst to me There is a scam website called Goreversephone.com. I paid 1 dollar for a “free trial offer” to look up a report on this... Read more

Comments: 0

Account blocked

Complaint from Anner95 on 08 June 2022 about GoBank.

Gobank blocked my account for no reason, now I need the money in it to pay my bills and pay for my child support Read more

Comments: 0

Very Unprofessional Staff, Useless Assistance

Complaint from Abest04 on 23 April 2022 about GoBank.

This was a complete waste of time and effort. It is now 6pm EST. Since 2pm I have been on the side of the road because GoBank’s customer service has been horrible. No rep has the ability to resolve the... Read more

Comments: 0

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