GO2bank complaint: My provisional credits

on 16 March 2023 about GO2bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I filed a dispute several weeks ago about money that was taken from my account and go 2 bank and was told in ten business days I would receive provisional credits I got hospitalized and needed my medicine and I was told I need to fill out a letter of dispute before ten days well I still don’t have my provisional credits. Just like they sent out some false info to customers like myself if you have your returns deposited they were having a 500 dollar giveaway and now not one person at go 2bank can find the info about the giveaway on top of that I received an asking email deposit your federal return to be eligible for 200 dollar overdraft and that was alie. Not only that they have been charging a maintenance fees for 5 dollars each month but never mentioned it until after opening and depositing cash plus charged atm fees twice out of my money and I understand one ATM fee but two and the same thing when u make a transfer I was charged twice for transferring my money from one bank to another. That ate alot of my money from my returns I had deposited and now they are giving me the hardest time ever about my disputed transactions and it’s not fair I did everything I was suppose to when it came to filing my dispute and they refuse to release my provisional credits for the unauthorized transactions on my account.

Suggested solution:

I need my provisional credits.

My provisional credits
My provisional credits
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