GO2bank complaint: MAJOR Credit Card Issues!

Complaint from diamondms reported on 24 October 2023 about GO2bank

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My complaint:

Go2Bank continuously messes with my secured credit card account by doubling purchases, authorizing purchases that are cancelled by merchants, charging more to each transaction, locking my account when large amounts are being processed, messing up my credit limit and available to spend, and also taking money when it shouldn’t be taken! All of these problems are always ed to be mistakes on their behalf and I would still have to wait a very long time with multiple phone calls in between to get my account fixed!

Suggested solution:

They should STOP messing with my account when unauthorized to do so! Fix my limit and available to spend, stop charging more money to my account, and stop going through with purchases that have not been accepted by the merchants! I need my money so I can do what I have to do, everyone isn't well off and I'm trying to get myself together but Go2Bank is CONSTANTLY messing with money I barely have! All the money I make goes into my credit card so I can build my credit, instead they are digging me a deeper hold and it's always because OF THEM! I don't not like go2bank, and the people I've recommended them to when I first opened my account says the exact same! They are unprofessional and always taking money, they aren't here to help at all. If I could I wouldn't even give 1 star, they don't deserve to be a business. ALSO, everytime I ask for a supervisor no one can connect me, so I'm pretty sure they don't even have one and keeps running circles on everyone.

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