GO2bank complaint: Compromised account

Complaint from Jtwiley76 reported on 27 January 2024 about GO2bank

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My complaint:

Im a victim of identity theft via phone mail etc i file disputes for my funds to get back..Go2bank closes my account in the middle of disputes which i was getting funds returned ..So i have no access to anything i got a provisional they said they had to mail it to me after depositing it on the closed account they left my secure card opened and ive been waiting 5 weeks for return checks that i argued with not to send via mail due to identity theft..I was advised to open a new account which im told they cant put any of my funds in the new account …again demanding to send via mail..I havent had access to any of my money for 6 weeks zero communication no escalating how i recieved funds and 3 weeks in they need me to send in verification for proof of address which they have used to send my debit cards too..Im am upset with the lack of knowledge or customer care thats been utilize..I had my direct deposit going to this account which built overdraft which i was told had to start over because the person made 10 transaction..On my new account i have no overdraft protection where i was at the max ..so i ended up losing all my money and perks because my account was compromised ..I need help still waiting on refund checks

Suggested solution:

Put my money not in the closed account but in the new that i was advised to open..I warned them not to mail me a check and i should keep all the perks i earned..My provisional should be made available to me asap not put in a mailbox where they wont even 1st or 2nd day air.Im told wait 3 weeks thats ridiculus customer care and it needs to change now

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