GO2bank complaint: Closed account unauthorized and they holding my money and won’t send out a check or new card. Thay kept saying they sent a card everytime I call they place me on hold after I verify my information and they hang up .

on 22 May 2022 about GO2bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I called on may 9 2022 to ask about retrieving money that was taken off my card after I checked out vacation village at parkway they took an additional 200 dollars once I checked out and I didn’t authorize them too so I called but I told the person I don’t want to file the dispute at the time cause I was going away and I need my card they still locked the card and I can’t get access to my money in the account. I keep calling and they not trying to give me my money if the account is closed send me a check or a new card it’s been 2 weeks they are holding my money and I want it..I don’t even want the account anymore I just want my check for my balance of my account …

Suggested solution:

They need to send me a check for my balance and close the account completely. I don't want any of these accounts...I just want my balance money..

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