GO2bank complaint: Cash advance fees

Complaint from Megmetro64 reported on 09 November 2023 about GO2bank

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My complaint:

Ok i have a complaint about the cash advance fees or transaction fees I’ve been charged and sudden overdraft I’ve been charged.
I noticed several transaction fees on my account that when I confronted the charges to a CSR they referred to them as cash advance fees. I do not get advanced cash this is a prepaid card. Cash advances were explained to me as basically credit therefore borrowed money. I have not ever received money via my account that was not mine. I don’t have a credit card. Its prepaid. So im not sure how that’s a fee i should be charged. Im not even sure how long i have been being charged these random charges. I currently am 56$ plus change in the negative on this card and according to my math should be 300 dollars ahead. I have issued with being in the negative since I’ve had this card if my purchases were even 1 cent more than my balance i have not been able to purchase anything and suddenly they tell me ive overdraft 56$? Its not making any sense….

Suggested solution:

I want my money back and my account made right.

Cash advance fees
Cash advance fees
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