GO2bank complaint: Cant get Debit card

Complaint from Miket60 reported on 31 January 2024 about GO2bank

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My complaint:

I have tried to get a debit card from Go2bank for 8 months. They will not send me a bebir card for my checking account. I have chatted with customer service and called their customer service phone number. I have spoken with 2 supervisors and a lady from corporate office. Still no debit card. This has gone on since May 2023. I’m at the end of my rope. There customer service supervisor and the lady from the corporate office didn’t do what they said they did. I’ve been lied to hung up on and chat was ended because they don’t know what there doing. The customer service people are rude and lie to me to get the chat either finished. They cut me off or lie to me to get me to hang up. The corporate lady said she would send tracking number to my email address she never did nor did I get my debit card in 3 days like she said. They all say the same thing but nothing gets done. 8 months I’ve been trying to get a debit card. 8 months. The CEO should drive out and hand me the debit card. How do they stay in business treating me like they do. Why won’t they mail me a card??????

Suggested solution:

Don't lie to or hang up on me cause they don't want to fix problem. Just send me a debit card in 3 days without charging me for it.

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