Go Local Extra complaint: Wouldn’t charge me price on the shelf with the product

Complaint from Amy pagdi reported on 14 November 2023 about Go Local Extra

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My complaint:

The price on the shelf said £3.60. They tried to charge me £4.25 for the dog biscuits so I said the price was £3.60 on the shelf. The man got the ticket and came back it said £3.60 but they said they had to charge me £4.25 as the price had changed. I do not think this is fair as the price clearly said £3.60. They said it doesn’t matter what it say on the shelf with the product they have to charge me what it says on the till. They said the price must of just gone up now but I said they price said £3.60 over a week ago and they still charged me £4.25 last week which is why this time I said it should be £3.60. As a customer I know 100 percent that I have to be charged the price in the shelf that matches with the product. The lady advised that she can’t do it on the till as she can’t price over ride and I had to speak to manager then refused to give me her details. Won’t be using again and will be speaking to trading standards about this

Suggested solution:

They should of given me the product at the price advertised and not been so rude

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