Giant Food Stores complaint: A Harrasing Staff Member

Complaint from myshadow reported on 13 June 2023 about Giant Food Stores

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My complaint:

I would like to file a complaint against one of the employees that works at the 43670 Greenway Corp Drive Ashburn, Va Ashburn, VA 20147 location. I do not have a name but I can describe this man as being older, african american, and works as a cart return staff member. On numerous occasions, as I am entering the main entrance this staff member makes it a point to not just say hello and keep it moving but he continues to try and have a conversation knowing that I am not interested. I’ve literally tried avoiding eye contact with him and that seems to still not work, he comes up to me and follows me just to say hi and ask questions as I am still moving through the store swiftly. One example is I’m walking into the store not looking at him and he says hi ma’am how are you today I reply without looking at him good but am steadily moving quickly through the entrance as to not engage but he continues to follow as I move on. I’ve tried ignoring but he doesn’t get the hint. I’m there to shop and don’t know this man like to where I consider him a friend. I’ve also seen him through the corner of my eye checking my behind out. I wasn’t planning to file a complaint but yesterday June 12th was the last straw.

I went to the store with my son and as I approached the main entrance I saw him there chatting with someone else so I thought that I could make a quick entry and bypass him but that wasn’t the case. This time instead of talking to me he asked my son questions about what grade he was going into next, and does he work. I mean all personal questions that he shouldn’t be asking because he doesn’t know us. It’s one thing to be polite, but he’s doing too much. I’m to the point where now I am going to not go to this store anymore and go to a different location which is inconvenient to me.

I mean I’ve gone as far as being kurt with him in my response of hi and I think that bothers him which is why he keeps going out of his way to continue on. If this isn’t resolved or he isn’t spoken to I am going to end up telling him off in the store and I don’t want to start a confrontation but it’s to that point.

Suggested solution:

Someone needs to have a conversation with this man. I get that he may be a social person and he may mean well as far as saying him but for me, I don't want to socialize as I'm there to shop and get out. I only go to this Giant because it's literally across the street from my home but I'm willing to drive further just to avoid him.

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