General Motors complaint: Brake Vacuum Issue with 2017 Chevy Mailbu

on 23 November 2022 about General Motors in category Automotive

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My complaint:

The brake vacuum broke on my vehicle malfunctioned causing catastrophic engine failure. I was driving in stop and go traffic when my brakes went extremely hard making it almost impossible to stop completely. Once I was able to pull over and turned the car off, I was not able to start it again. The care was taken to my local ASE certified mechanic who initially changed the part however the car still would not start and it was determined that due to the brake vacuum issue, it caused the timing chain in the engine to break, causing damage to the pistons and valves, resulting me having to replace the engine. I had to pay over $4,000 to have my engine replaced because my car was no longer under warranty. It is my understanding after much research that GM is aware of this issue however have not made any attempt to rectify it. I would like to be reimbursed for the cost of the engine replacement.

Suggested solution:

I believe they should reimburse me for the cost of the engine replacement.

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