Gene Messer Kia complaint: Oil Consumption

Complaint from Vjsharp reported on 29 February 2024 about Gene Messer Kia

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My complaint:

I took my 2016 Kia Sorento to get an inspection to get my tags. The attendant told me there was no oil in my vehicle. I took it to Gene Messer Kia were I had my oil changed 6 weeks prior.The checked the oil and it was zero reading on the stick. The performed an Oil consumption text. drove it for 1000 miles… oil was low…so they said i had to do two oil consumption tests.. we did another..they called to say someone broke the seal…NO One had been under the hood of my car and I am the only one that drives my car.So we did another test,, took pictures of the sealed dipstick and the oil lid..after 1,000 miles …

I took it back and it was 1 1/2 qts low..according to Kia that is standard and it is acceptable and according to Kia standards it is ok…not agreeing i kept and continue to keep watch on the oil content in my car…I purchased the extended warranty when i bought the car…They told me if anything happened to my car regarding this oil is covered..I took my car back in due to no oil showing on the dipstick and they once again told me that Kia will not do anything because now it is out of warranty…WHAT?? I took my car for another oil change and it has a sticker to bring it back for it next scheduled oil change in May at 71,000 miles…

I checked the oil at 67,000 miles and it is 1 1/2 qts low…I took it back and basically told me again it was ok to drive it like that…to bring it back at 69,000 miles…and they would access the situation at that time…I am not understanding why me at 71 years of age should have to continually check the oil…at this time I dont think or feel confident that I can go see my brother 500 miles away…how would you feel if your mother was in this situation?

I purchase this car in good faith and bought the extended warranty as well…please do not tell me to buy another car…I love my car…it fitsme… just not this oil issue..please advise

Suggested solution:

do whatever it takes to fix the issue at hand and stop pushing me off on Kia Standards

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