GEICO Insurance complaint: Percentage of responsibility

Complaint from Natemorell reported on 02 April 2024 about GEICO Insurance

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My complaint:

Hello, hope all is well. I’m contacting you regarding claim number 0452934730101107. On November 10, 2023 my son was involved in a car accident where the other person was driving negligent, on high speed and against the traffic on a center lane and while my son was stop and waiting for the traffic coming from North to South to stop, the other driver driving negligent impacted my son’s car in the front with the front of his car. A police officer witnessed the accident and identified the other driver with 100% of responsibility specially because my sons car was stopped and the other driver was driving on high speed against the traffic to avoid a traffic congestion in the light located at 199nw, 37 Ave. Original report was not clear and officer completed the corrections requested by Geico to change the percentage of responsibility. Today we talked to Tami ha and she stated that the case was reviewed and Geico still have Natanael with 60% of the responsabilidad. I appreciate anything you can do to review this case and provide me with an updated information. At this point I have a feeling that the adjusters are you trying to manipulate this case to their benefits since the other driver is also insured with Geico.

I appreciate you’re time

Suggested solution:

Police report stated that 100% of responsibility was on pickup truck driver due to the way was driving, report also stated that police officer witnessed the accident

GEICO Insurance complaint Percentage of responsibility
GEICO Insurance complaint Percentage of responsibility
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