Geek Squad complaint: TV repair/costumer service

on 06 September 2023 about Geek Squad in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

Technician came to check out my broken Samsung 55 TV. Needed to order parts, and then to return another day. After he left, send txt message with link to pay for the initial visit. Ok, $139, no problem. Opened the link, inserted my credit card information, didn’t go through. Another link, again, another link…. 6 times. Then I check my credit card accounts, and I have 2 pending charges of $139. The weekend comes, next work day I contact Best Buy (since technician does not answer me via txt) to make sure payment went through. Ok, it will be fine! they said. Next appointment 2 weeks later. Booked out my workday, technician should come between 8-8 but will 4 hours before (didn’t contact me the day before). The day of, 7:50am, technician contacts me: Payment didn’t go through. Are you sure? I think it went through. I am checking my charges and no, it didn’t go through. Speak again to technician. He says;So you are wrong, you said it went through. Hold on a minute, I did everything I could to pay, had 2 pending charges, nobody contacted me for 2 weeks to state that payment had not gone through, and now, today, all of a sudden I get this info about payment not gone through and now I am the liar?! Ok, moving on. He sends me a Best Buy link, I open the link, need my password, which I don’t remember. Asking for email to be send to retrieve/change password. Don’t receive an email. Txt the technician, no answer. At about 1pm that day, calling the technician, he can’t speak because with a client. Ok, fine. Now 5 pm, no call back. I get on the phone with Best Buy to find out how to pay the bill, account investigation, because something is wrong. 1 hour 45 minutes, 6 people on the phone, everybody sorry, but nothing done. Then the news, ‘your appointment had been changed, do you know?’ NO, I don’t know. It is September 12. How do you choose that day, I am not there that day. On top, unclear responses about parts, one time ‘did not order because payment did not go through’, second time ‘parts are on back-order’. Which one is it. Now, wasted my entire work day, nobody came to repair the TV, technician never contacted me back, it is undermined how I can pay the previous bill, My TV is still broke, wasted 1:45 hours on the phone, altogether over 2 weeks with this broken TV, no future appointment (except the one when I am not here). No solution, bad service, disrespectful technician, nice but helpless costumer service phone support. Geek Squad, two thumps down at this point. Technician told me he is the longest employed worker on Geek Squad, but how? If I treat my clients with a no-show, no response then my client would fire me.

Suggested solution:

First, I would like to get an option to pay my invoice. Second, get my TV repaired (already waiting 2 weeks for this to happen). Third, i believe should be waived the bill at this time, as technician no-show, and me having lost my entire (8-8) workday.

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