Complaint: Solicited at home with a great deal…….then it wasn’t such a deal

on 12 May 2022 about Geek Squad in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

.I was solicited in my home after buying a Lenovo computer. Umed contacted me by phone, and then had me log onto my computer. Once there, he showed me all the potential hacks, thYesterday, he called again, and showed me hundreds of viruses, threats, trojans and whatever, explaining that my computer was very vulnerable. He said he could take care of these. Allright I said. He called back when he was done and told me that this protection cost $200 , or I could get a different plan for over $300. I told him that was very high and I could not afford it. He continued with how important it was to continue to protect my computer. I stated that when I got the first plan, it was supposed to be for the life of my computer. He talks very fast and is difficult to understand. He told me he had removed these viruses and I owed him over $200. I felt pressured and he was persistent. I reluctantly paid him, but I’m angry, I feel taken advantage of and swindled. The first plan was to last the lifetime. He made me think this 2’nd plan was different and necessary. I’m angry and down a lot of $$. I am filing with complainbizz, and will contact the BBB if necessary. This was a a fast talking theft and I would like to warn as many people as possible.

Suggested solution:

I feel they should return the 219,00 that I was charged yesterday. My computer was supposed to be protected for life, that's why I went with the higher plan after purchasing it. Of note also is that Umed asked me to use paypal, and I said no and gave him a credit card . Today, I see my bank statement, and the charge was made through paypal. I did not authorize that. It couldn't have gone through paypal, because I do not use paypal these days and i did not provide of give a password. I am very upset over this and I want reimbursed. This is shady business practice, promising one thing and then coming back for more $$. Its embarassing and its wrong.

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