FreshCo complaint: Customer service and false advertising

Complaint from Anonymous MC reported on 31 March 2024 about FreshCo

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My complaint:

Today I was buying Bolthouse farms beverages and on the price tag it indicated $4.49 for 6 pack but was charged $4.49 each. The manager said that’s not what it is and that I was wrong. I asked what the 6 pack meant on the price tag and she just argued that the price is for one only. She completely dismissed me and made me feel very embarrassed for even asking why. I exchanged for the larger size. I honestly wasn’t the only one who thought it was for a 6 pack. I wish I was treated better and maybe honored what the price said. Unfortunately there are other grocery stores around that are just as good that I will go to now. Thank you for your time.

Suggested solution:

Honor the pricing and offer something for the poor customer service

FreshCo complaint Customer service and false advertising
FreshCo complaint Customer service and false advertising
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