Food Lion complaint: Rude Food Lion Employee Experience

Complaint from LAllison05 reported on 08 August 2023 about Food Lion

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My complaint:

I have a complaint to make on this day August. 7,2023. I was shopping at Food Lion located on 2226 Park Road in Charlotte, North Carolina 28203. I was ringing up my groceries with my two children and elderly mother. While ringing my items, I happen to notice that one of your employees was looking at me as my back was turned (it made me uncomfortable). I felt her eyes fixed on me and didn’t understand why I was being watched as I frequently visit this store and pay for all my items. Moreover, I don’t recall her name, but she is African-American, sort of tall and long black and brown colored extensions in her hair. Furthermore, she may be a supervisor or manager of this store. This employee was looking at me as I rung my order, so I turned around to look and she states “Is there a problem!?” very rudely in her tone.

I then responded “I am wondering the same , because you are watching me?” She then proceeded to raise her voice and say “FIRST OF ALL, I WAS TALKING TO A COWORKER AND THEN YOU TURNED AROUND AND STARTED TALKING TO ME.”

My elderly mother even noticed how this employee was rude in her dealings with me, and told me to just ignore her ignorance. I continued to ring up my groceries as she walked in and out of the store in arrogance.

I was so upset that the employee who was actually stationed at the self checkout came up to me and tried to make things right.

I went up to this employee after I finished checking out to express that she was very rude to me. The employee walked away while I was still upset and didn’t try to better the situation or make it right.

I have been going to this Food Lion for years and have been a loyal customer way before this employee started working here. This is not the first time she has been rude with me at self checkout. I am shocked that this Food Lion location would hire someone who obviously doesn’t care about its customers. This is such a disappointment and I am disgusted by this employee, so much so that I am reaching out to corporate to rectify the customer service issue.

Suggested solution:

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